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Why Dynasit

Proven health benefits

Dynasit pad is a proven medical product with demonstrable health benefits on human body.

The average annual time we spend sitting is more than 3,000 hours, which is more than eight hours a day! Due to the nature of today's time, sitting has become an inevitable and dominant part of our lives.

  • 80% of the world's population suffer from back pain
  • 30% of employed people work (sit) on a regular basis in front of a computer. A monotonous posture of our body creates a great risk of problems with the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, and secondarily evokes headaches and pain radiating to the shoulders, chest, and legs
  • 54% of workers suffer from stress, which is one of the consequences of back problems
  • 30% lower job performance – according to statistics – is achieved by people with a non-ergonomic and incorrect posture
  • 10% of first-graders suffer from back pain
  • 40% of young people under 18 years suffer from a spinal deformity

Static prolonged sitting worsens overall health and is proven to cause serious long-term health problems

We should stay in one position as little as possible.

Up to 80% of people suffer from back pain and spine problems! It is time individuals and institutions that have the power to influence social trends and behavior of social groups realized that this problem needs to be addressed. Naturally, the most effective solution is prevention, which is ensured by preventive aids. The second way is regeneration, or rather mitigation of the effects caused by wrong deep-rooted habits.


Dynasit pad actively contributes to alleviate a number of health conditions that challenges our lives on day-to-day basis

Dynasit pad provides active, dynamic sitting and is the ideal solution for acquiring good sitting habits

By using Dynasit, you prevent many health problems. Its regular use also mitigates or eliminates existing health problems that have been making our everyday lives difficult. This way, we would like to point out to how Dynasit pad – or similar aids – can have a positive impact on functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


Healthier sitting on every chair

Sit healthier anywhere

Dynasit can be used at work, at home, on the road, or in school.

Dynasit pad is easy to carry

Dynasit pad is a product that ranks among the mandatory equipment of every modern man living a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to be universally applicable to every chair. Its dimensions are 15.7x13.7 inches.

Designed to fit on any chair

An affordable investment in your health

  • High health benefits at affordable price
  • For prices and details, refer to Order section.

Validated and certified efficiency

  • Dynasit pad is registered with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device product. Registration number
  • Dynasit pad is certified and registered under State Institute for Drug Control in European Union, specifically Slovak Republic, and approved as a certified medical device with proven health benefits
  • European doctors prescribe Dynasit sitting pad to their patients as a curative and preventive medical aid

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